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Thakeham Manor House – built out of Horsham Stone Cropped Walling

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The Source of Horsham Stone & Reclamation

Horsham Stone is a type of sandstone that is famous for its beautiful rippled appearance.

Found in West Sussex, it has been used and highly valued since the Bronze Age and is still a very much sought after stone today. 

At Horsham Stone and Reclamation, we are the United Kingdom’s only supplier of this prehistoric stone.

As aggregate stone and reclaimed stone suppliers, we work with landscape gardeners, to city developers, to create stone walls, unique paving, garden installations and much more with our beautifully natural stone. We supply a wide range of stone, paving and cobbles, from natural stone walling, rockery stone and Indian sandstone paving to stone paving circle kits and reclaimed cobbles.

Reclaiming the past...

In addition to quarrying our own Horsham Stone we are one of the leading specialists in reclaimed building materials within the United Kingdom.

Whether you are trying to match an existing wall, existing pavers, existing roof tiles or anything else on your house, or you are just looking to start a new project with lots of history and character you have come to the right place.

We have over 1 million reclaimed stone available and in stock for you. Check out our reclamation page now to find a unique and beautiful material to suit you.

...Rebuilding The Future

Reclamation has been running within the Horsham Stone team for over 100 years.

We also handle our own demolitions, from which the
majority of our stock has arisen from over the generations.

We carefully dismantle, clean and re-prepare all our own Bricks, Tiles, Yorkstone and many more materials. 

 Uncompromising on wastage, our reclaimed materials are unparalleled and each has been hand selected to a Grade A standard.

You can be rest assured that you are at the best source for reclaimed materials.

What our clients say...