The Story

Founded by The Romans..
& Once walked upon by Dinosaurs!

"130 Million Years in The Making!"

HorshamStone is a finely-grained, compact, calcareous sandstone;
Geologically, it was deposited as sandbanks and river sediments
In large rover that flowed across Sussex over 130 million years ago!

Dinosaurs once roamed across the Land of Sussex in England
During this Triassic/Cretaceous time..
Many bones, Footprints & Skeletons
Have been found in the quarries and sand pits near and around Horsham.

- HorshamStone is famous for its ripple marks -
Each piece is unique and unlike no other stone on Earth!

This happened because the stone was once apart of the sandstone beds.
Over the centuries these ripples have been valued by builders for there anti slip properties.

The Romans & Empire during the invasion/rule of England;
Romans where the first to introduce HorshamStone to the Land around 2,000 years ago.
The ability to split Horsham Stone into thin roofing slates has been highly valued and ever  since it has not stopped being used!

Large numbers of Churches, Castles and Medi - Evil - Tudor buildings seen across Sussex, Kent and afar use Horsham roofing slates,
Over time it also weathers into a range of beautiful yellows and browns, giving charm and unique character to a building!

- Here to Help -

Here at HorshamStone we pride ourselves in holding and producing very high quality products.

We like to listen to your every stone needs, we can ensure to offer you friendly and professional advice.

Our team is committed to keeping to tradition of producing the highest quality HorshamStone..
Begun some millennia's ago!

Your custom is value to us,
& Since re-opening of the Quarry - 
We have helped to restore a wide range of historic and privately owned buildings & property across the regions of the United Kingdom.

- Our Commitment -

We are a family run company, that aim to provide an exceptional service that truly meets your every need. 

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we are able to make knowledgeable recommendations, source incredible products and offer a friendly and 
helpful service to all of our clients.

 The friendly, helpful and hardworking team are here to assist you and the project every step of the of the way! 

Find out more about our products today on   01403 276 550

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